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Dates of Class

November 14th & 21st, December 5th & 12th, January 9th. All on Monday evenings from 6:00PM until 7:30PM for a total of 5 weeks.


The Course

This intensive training course will focus on understanding the difference between parenting Alien (Unattached) Vs. Human (Attached) children. We will explore the differences between these two different types of kids in an open, supportive, and honest forum. We will focus on learning Kim’s 2 Formulas for both Healing and Hearing your alien, and Bryan Post’s The Stress Model.


Participants will be invited to take part in discussions and polls. Everyone’s comments, thoughts and ideas will be welcome with a goal of inclusivity and safety. Caregiver’s will gain a better understanding of how their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, impacts their ability to care for themselves and their children.


Parents and caregiver’s will feel uplifted, empowered, and reminded of their inherent value, worth and strength. Attendees will leave each class with hands-on interventions to improve their individual household.


Class will be driven by the needs and wants of those in attendance. Topics will be available for education; however, the group will determine what areas need to be addressed at any given time.



Length of Training

The proposed training is for a 4 week- 1.5 hour intensive, virtual and interactive class, that will be held on the presenters ZOOM Pro platform.


A link will be sent to the identified hosts so that up to 10 families can attend the training.



The cost for a 5-week course is $450.00 per family.


Course Includes

  • Reduced introductory rate for The Alien Circle program which will be $599.00 after the initial introductory period
  • Research and preparation of a customized instructional program
  • PowerPoint for distribution to attendees 10 days prior to training dates
  • 9.5 total hours of interactive, virtual training and private coaching
  • Personalized Alien Circle Certificates of Completion



 2 FREE 60 Minute Private Parent Coaching Sessions with Kim scheduled during the weeks of January 9th & 16th 2023.

The Alien Circle- Virtual Class

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