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Kim M. Seidel, MA, LPC, NCC
Parenting Expert, Therapist, Author
& National Speaker

As an adoptive/foster parent, relative caregiver, teacher, or grandparent, you may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, disconnected and afraid for your child's future. Maybe you don't feel like you at are at your best, and you are at a loss as to how to handle your child's challenging behaviors. Maybe you even feel like there is a disconnect between the two of you, or perhaps you are questioning whether or not your child is attached to you at all.

Cultivate Loving Attachments

Kim can give you solutions either individually in parent coaching sessions or in a conference/training like setting. You will be empowered, informed, and entertained while gaining a clear understanding about how to improve your home and the connections within your family. Kim will help you to be hopeful again, about your child’s future and your relationship.

Parenting Solutions

Available Now!
How to Love an Alien

Kim's new book, "How to Love an Alien: Creating a Safe Place to Land for Children with Trauma", is now available on Amazon! Click below to get your copy!



Kim’s trainings are valuable to professionals and parents caring for a child with a trauma history.  She combines real life stories and humor which both entertain and provide practical application of a love based parenting paradigm.

Those who hear Kim present leave energized. Participant feedback is always extremely positive. She is always a hit! Parents and professionals request to hear her again and again.

—  M. Jensen

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10 Tips to Make Parenting Your Alien Easier Now!

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