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Lively. Supportive. Relatable. Enlightening.

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In-Person & Virtual Training

Parenting and educating children with significant trauma histories often feels overwhelming and impossible at times. Kim connects beautifully virtually or in-person in a way that will energize and empower you! Prepare to be engaged, heard, and validated!

Read below for her most requested trainings.


1. How to Love An Alien


This presentation is based off Kim's new book How to Love An Alien and designed to support adoptive/foster parents and educators who are experiencing severe behaviors including lying, gorging, defiance, stealing, self-mutilation, sexual acting out, aggression, and transition issues at home or in the classroom.  These behaviors can often lead to disrupted adoptions, numerous foster placements, and chaotic classrooms.

Children with these trying behaviors are often diagnosed with severe mental health disorders such as Reactive Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. As a clinician for over 20 years, Kim believes that there are true situations that support these diagnoses and medication, many of these behaviors/diagnoses can be a symptom of the true issue: not having a safe, secure and true attachment with a healthy adult and/or a broken attachment with a current or primary caregiver.

Parents, caregivers, educators, and professionals will learn how to build their relationship with their child, specifically focusing on the child as a whole rather than his/her behavior. Participants will leave knowing how to build emotional connection, trust and ultimately forming a healthy, loving and secure attachment that is experienced by the child.


2. Become Your Alien’s EXPERT!

This program focuses on empowering foster/kinship/adoptive parents and educators to recognize that they can and do serve as their child’s expert!  Participants will learn that they have insights and experiences unique to their children’s experience, that could never be captured in a counseling session once a week!  Parents and Educator’s are led through a training to help build their confidence and voice so that they may represent, educate and share with other’s on how best to care for their child(ren)/students.

Attendees will also learn how to link with their extended family, work colleagues and others who are a daily or weekly part of their child’s life experience.  They will learn how to create a supportive team that can understand and give voice to an attachment-challenged child’s needs and the best ways to support them in their healing process.


3. Looking for 1000 Miracles While Parenting Your Alien!

This presentation is designed to support and empower adoptive/foster parents to recognize the power that they have to influence their home in a positive way!  Parents will be celebrated and reminded of all the wonderful and good things that they bring to their children each and every day! Examples and strategies will be provided to change the direction of any given situation instantly. Participants are encouraged to bring specific and challenging events that they have already faced, or are preparing to face, for role playing and gaining immediate support.

Parents will leave feeling energized, excited to continue their work. They will gain insight into their own story and how their truth impacts their parenting today.  The feeling of hope and encouragement will create new energy and a strong desire to make positive change within each of their homes!


4. The Alien Circle

New class dates will be coming in the Spring of 2024! Kim will be offering a 5-week virtual class, where you will have a safe space to connect with Kim and other parents, grandparents and caregivers who are dealing with similar challenges. Together you will work to create a strong community. Kim's role will be to provide guidance and education. You will feel supported, empowered and most importantly not alone. Space will be limited to 10 participants/households. Each class will be 90 minutes long, with lots of interaction, support and guidance tailored to your groups needs. Each household will receive 1 FREE individual 50 minute coaching sessions with Kim!

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Custom Workshop

Kim is eager to help you, your families and your professional team! Contact her and get started on creating a customized workshop for your needs.



“No matter how often I attend a training with Kim, I always learn so much more!”

Audio/Visual Requirements

Kim prefers to use a cowboy or lavalier microphone.
Kim utilizes PowerPoint on her PC and brings adapters and a presentation remote.

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